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About Us

Graphjet Technology Sdn Bhd is a fast-growing organisation that aims to be a global leader in generating value by producing the most innovative, green, and low-cost graphene, graphite and graphene-based anode materials.

We were incorporated in 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, and will be listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ‘GTI’ with a valuation of $1.5 billion. Our world-first and the only patented technology to recycle palm kernel shells, generated in the production of palm seed oil, is able to produce single layer graphene and artificial graphite for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, medical devices, and home appliances.

We have also successfully identified newer applications for graphene-based anode material to propel growth well into the future. We have a valuable portfolio of intellectual property which consists of granted patents, provisional patents, with more in the application phase.

With the technology that we own, we are able to produce graphite, graphene and graphene-based anode battery material with at least 98% similarity and are much more consistent compared to other synthetic graphite and graphene which are produced from petroleum coke and coal. We expect to open our first manufacturing plant in the Kuantan district of Pahang State with an annual output of 10,000 tons of graphite and 60 tons of graphene while processing 30,000 tons of dried palm kernel waste.

For research and development, we have cooperated with various universities, including local ones in Malaysia, Japan, and the University of Manchester, as well as becoming a member of the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP). We have also collaborated with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

We are also partnering and collaborating with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to develop solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, such as critical issues on energy transition, becoming carbon neutral and the ultimate goal of achieving Net Zero. This aligns with our mission to provide sustainably sourced graphite and graphene, critical to new energy innovation and cleaner energy raw materials. The collaboration puts us in a strategic position to sustain the world economic growth forward.

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Meet The Founder & Management Team

Lim Hooi Beng_edited.jpg

Lim Hooi Beng


Aw Jeen Rong - Managing Director.jpg

Jay Aw Jeen Rong

Executive Director


Aiden Lee Ping Wei

Chief Executive Officer

Liu Yu - Chief Tech.jpg

Liu Yu

Chief Technology Officer / Chief Science Officer

Technology & Advisory Panel


Masuri Othman

UKM Prof Dr

assoc prof dr mohd ambri.jpg

Mohd Ambri Mohamed

UKM Prof Dr

Our Vision

To develop a graphene industry chain based on a complete manufacturing plant. Production of artificial graphite, graphene and related application products. To meet the growing needs of various industries. Provide a platform and industrial foundation for link transformation for palm agriculture, manufacturing and new energy and new material industries.

Our Mission

To increase the added value of palm waste

To effectively supplement the existing graphite raw materials.

To reduce the cost and market price of graphene.

Open the precedent of palm-based biomass-based artificial graphite

To contribute to the supplement and improvement of new materials in the process of human development.

To subversive beyond the existing market graphite quality standards.

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