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About Graphene

The High-Profile Materials in the World.

Compared with the same quality graphene, the price of graphene we provide is more than 80% and above lower than the current market price of graphene.

The extraction of graphite and graphene from palm shells has patented intellectual property rights in Malaysia and internationally.

Compared with the traditional graphene preparation method, our technical team has successfully developed a unique preparation method using the by-products of palm processing as raw materials, using unique equipment to industrially produce low-cost extraction of high-quality graphene.

A single-layer graphene of 0.33 nm can be obtained by dividing graphite with a thickness of one millimeter into 3 million layers on average.

Graphene is one of the high-profile materials in the world. It is also known as the "black gold" and the "king of new materials", and is known as the "magic material" that will change the 21st century.

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial with a hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of carbon atoms and SP2 hybrid orbitals. With the characteristics of high conductivity, high strength, ultra-light and thin, it has huge application potential in the fields of electronics, optics, magnetism, biomedicine, catalysis, energy storage and sensors, and is considered to be a revolutionary material in the future.

Introduction of Graphene

The King of New Materials in 21st century

High Electric Conductivity

100 times better than silicon crystal or Nano-carbon

High Thermal Conductivity

10 times better than metals such as copper and aluminum

High Strength (Hardness)

Exceeds that of diamond, and the fracture strength is 100 times that of steel

High Transparency


Light transmittance up to 97.7%

High Specific

Surface Area

Per gram is 1130m²  higher than that of activated carbon, reaching 2630m2/g

Our Advantages


Resource Type

Natural resources
(limited resources)

Mass Production



Artificial Coal / Petroleum Based


Resource Type

Artificially made
(limited resources)

Mass Production

but limited to coal mining/
crude oil refinery by product
and volatile prices

palm kernel.jpg

Resource Type


Mass Production

Annual Palm Kernel Shell production in Malaysia 5m Tons

Palm Kernel Shell Graphite

Graphene Source


Palm Kernel Shell Graphene

Single Layer Ratio


Diameter Consistency


95% - 99%





We can easily source our own raw material therefore we are able to produce at significantly lower cost for the same and produce better quality graphene compared to existing market suppliers.

*Note: Exclusion of the coal/petroleum based artificial graphite source in this comparison table because it is not used in the industry to produce graphene.

Applications of Graphene


  • Medical sciences

  • Drug delivery

    • Cancer treatment

    • Gene delivery

    • Diabetes analyses

    • Bone and teeth implantation

    • HIV diagnosis

    • Brain implant

  • Biomedical applications

  • Graphene medical devices

Automobile Composition and Coating Sports

  • Rust-free treatment

  • Weather-proofing and packing

  • Graphene for sports

    • Fitness patch

    • Sport shoes 

  • Clothes

  • Tires

  • Paint

Electronics and Home Appliances

  • Waterproof electronics

  • Wearable electronics

  • Touchscreens

  • Flexible screens

  • Hard drives and memories

  • Superconductor

Food and Beverage

  • Food packaging

  • Water purification

  • Desalination

  • Antibacterial

  • Food / Beverage processing

Mechanical Strength Enhancement

  • Can be used to enhance the strength of materials

  • Can reduce product weight while increasing strength

  • Aircraft materials

  • Cement materials

  • Vehicle materials

Energy storage / Battery for electric vehicles

  • Graphene in batteries

  • Storing wind and solar power

Sensors and Semiconductor and Digital products

  • Ultra-sensitive sensors made from Graphene could detect very fine/ minute dangerous particles helping to protect potentially dangerous environments

  • Graphene has made possible high-resolution image sensing that detects UV, infrared and even terahertz frequencies

  • Graphene Infection Detectors

  • UV Tracking Graphene Patch

  • Night vision for self driving cars

  • Graphene gas detectors and “air sniffers”

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